Blog Posts By: CEDAM Staff

Does Placemaking Lead to Gentrification?

Last month during a MIplace Placemaking Curriculum training, one of the attendees asked, “Does placemaking lead to gentrification?” We put this question to some of the MIplace partners and they came back with two very good articles published last month. We added the first article for a little background on gentrification if you are not… Read more »

The Bright Side Features Shelter

What happens when a family suddenly needs a new place to live? Last month we had a chance to visit and collect success stories from some of our members and other organizations that provide emergency shelter and housing in Michigan. Introduction by Anne Grantner,¬†Executive Director at Shelter of Flint[watch now] This episode begins at the… Read more »

Most Insightful Detroit Bankruptcy Articles

“I love Detroit, I know a ton of people who love Detroit. … Have you ever loved? You mean to tell me that everything you’ve loved was just cut and clear? There was never any condition or obstacle? But when it’s love, you know it’s real. And love conquers all, even the stigma of Chapter… Read more »