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Michigan Cities Through the Eyes of NACEDA’s Executive Director

Written by Kaylee Kellogg, Communications Intern Michigan: a state that can display the growth and prominence of great times, as well as how to pull through and endure difficult circumstances. Certain cities continue to grow exponentially, while others are struggling to  draw citizens back in. Recently, the National Alliance of Community Economic Development Associations (NACEDA)… Read more »

Food Forward MI: Farm to Institution: A Supply Chain Opportunity (Part 2)

This is part two of a two part series. To read part one, click here. Regional economic partnership can build a local, healthy food supply chain ______________________________________ “The challenge in expanding the local food systems is to match the cost and convenience of customary distributors.” ______________________________________ Across Michigan through partnership support from philanthropic, health, academic,… Read more »

Food Forward MI: Farm to Institution: A Supply Chain Opportunity – Part 1

This is part one of a two-part series. How does local go mainstream? _____________________________________ “While some thought it was passing fancy, this movement is clearly not just for hipster foodies desiring an authentic experience.” _____________________________________ “Growing Community,” “Know Your Farmer,” “Taste the Local Difference” and many other tag lines are helping build public awareness by… Read more »

Beyond the Public Meeting: Raising the Bar for Equitable Community Engagement

Written by Aaron Goodman, CDAD Community Engagement Manager Equitable Public Involvement _____________________________________________________________________________ “When engagement is treated as an add-on to the “real” decision making or something that is done only to minimally satisfy legal or community requirements it leads to decisions, plans and developments that likely don’t reflect the input of the whole community.” _____________________________________________________________________________ We’ve… Read more »

Measuring and Evaluating Neighborhood Change

Written by Nina Holzer, Manager of CDC Advancement, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress We’ve all seen them. Article after article highlighting the comeback of cities, flocking of millennials to urban centers and revitalization of downtown. Many rust belt cities, whose population numbers plummeted over to the course of the past fifty years, are starting to see a deceleration… Read more »

Pro Bono Legal Referral Program

Written by Amanda Gregory, Legal & Policy Program Manager at Michigan Community Resources _____________________________________________ “This is frustrating for the organizations, because often the filing fee is all that is standing in the way of these immigrants working legally.” _____________________________________________ Several years ago, the Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters and the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center wanted to… Read more »

The Marriage Between Population Health and Community

Written by Brian McGrain, Associate Director and Chief Operating Officer The “ZIP Code Improvement Business” _______________________________________________________________________________ “Your zip code […] has an awfully big impact on your health outcomes.” _______________________________________________________________________________ For a number of years now, those involved in public health across the nation have been spending considerable amount of time studying and acting upon… Read more »

Michigan eLibrary for Businesses

Written by Deb Renee Biggs, Michigan eLibrary & Outreach Coordinator, Library of Michigan ____________________________________ “Particularly for micro businesses, this could be a powerful resource to starting a business, as well as maintaining business practices.” ____________________________________ The Michigan eLibrary, otherwise known as MeL, is Michigan’s online library resource. With origins dating back from 1992, this free… Read more »

Food Forward MI: Farm to School

__________________________________________________________________ “Combating childhood obesity, diabetes and other nutrition related disease can start in the classroom and extend to the family as students are educated and then empowered to make healthy food choices.” __________________________________________________________________ Rewind to 2015’s Where Food Access and Community Development Merge post, we reiterate that a community food system isn’t just about connecting… Read more »

Proposed HUD Rule on FMRs

Written by Heidi Kurniawan, Policy Intern The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently published a proposed rule that aims to give low-income residents more choice by reworking the Section 8 housing-voucher program. The current program gives housing assistance through coupons that cover a portion of rents, and for a number of reasons, these vouchers… Read more »