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Food Forward MI: Agriculture Workforce Development

Written by Mary ZumBrunnen, CEO of One-Community Consulting ________________________________________________________________________________________ “…the gap between available talent and labor needed is expected to grow significantly over the next few decades. Once again, Michigan is at a crossroads of opportunity.” ________________________________________________________________________________________ Michigan is currently seeing a decline in small and mid-sized farms across the state. This trend has negatively impacted the state’s… Read more »

CFPB’s New Rule

Written by Heidi Kurniawan, Policy Intern In Michigan, there are more payday loan stores than there are McDonald’s and Tim Horton’s franchises combined. Advertisements for these loans make them seem like a fast and easy way to get cash when you’re in a financial bind. What they don’t tell you, however, is that four out… Read more »

Membership Spotlight: PNC’s Community Development Banking

Written by Kaylee Kellogg, Communications Intern _______________________________________________________________________________________ “We help low- to moderate-income community members access the bank and work with those servicing the community through financial education, specialized products, access to business capital and providing grant and sponsorship dollars.” _______________________________________________________________________________________ When most people hear PNC Bank, they probably think of a bank that offers financial… Read more »

The Municipal Effect

Written by Megan Kursik, Coordinator of the Michigan Communities for Financial Empowerment In 2013, the City of Lansing was one of five cities competitively selected to launch a Financial  Empowerment Center to seamlessly integrate free, professional financial counseling with core city and nonprofit services. It’s now more than three years later and the cities came together last week to… Read more »

Food Forward MI: Food Innovation Districts

____________________________________________________________________________________ “Michigan has tremendous opportunity to grow our health and economy while maintaining ecological diversity and cultural heritage.” ____________________________________________________________________________________ “A food innovation district is a geographic concentration of food-oriented businesses, services and community activities that local governments support through planning and economic development initiatives in order to promote a positive business environment, spur regional food… Read more »

Michigan’s Home Heating Credit – Are you eligible?

Written by Ross Yednock, Program Director of the Michigan Economic Impact Coalition After a cold winter that seemed to drag on, warmer temperatures are here to stay…at least for a couple of months. Time to soak up the sun, enjoy the warmth and relax. So why am I ruining everyone’s enjoyment of this wonderful summer weather… Read more »

Membership Spotlight: Community Action Agency

Written by Kaylee Kellogg, Communications Intern ____________________________________________________________________________________ “Different programs at the CAA are focused on the long term solutions of fixing issues and helping members of the community reach their own goals by addressing problems of poverty systematically, rather than just putting a band-aid on it.” ____________________________________________________________________________________ The Community Action Agency (CAA) serves Jackson, Lenawee… Read more »

3 Takeaways from the Summit on Race and Inclusion

Written by Ross Yednock, Program Director of the Michigan Economic Impact Coalition The first time I ever visited Holland, Michigan was in January 1992, on a football recruiting visit to Hope College. At the time, I associated this area with its lack of diversity. This was because I remember that virtually everyone I met that day looked like… Read more »