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CEDAM and Partners Lead Michigan Children’s Savings Account (CSA) Consortium

On Friday, November 3, organizations from across the state of Michigan representing community foundations, nonprofits and local governments met to discuss the future of Children’s Saving Accounts (CSAs) in Michigan. CSAs are long-term savings or investment accounts that help children (ages 0-18) and their families, especially those from low-income families, build savings for the future…. Read more »

From Youth Programs to Land Use Projects, Urban Neighborhood Initiatives Reflects on a Successful Year

By Camille Allen, CEDAM Communications Intern Many urban programs are directed at youth, but it is not often that we see these programs driven by youth themselves. For CEDAM Member Urban Neighborhood Initiatives (UNI), this is nothing out of the ordinary. This past year, over 1,500 adolescents engaged in the organization’s leadership programs, which include… Read more »

Talking Equity and Destination: Vibrant Communities with James Crowder

For community development organizations, practitioners and advocates; developers and housing providers, equity should be at the forefront of our neighborhood revitalization strategies. We already know this, but how successful are we at implementing equitable strategies into practice? Is equity actually the focus of our organizations’ community development strategies? Are we leaving anyone out of the… Read more »

Keeping Up with the Corps: Part 1

CEDAM proudly hosts a fresh cohort of more than 30 people dedicated to improving Michigan’s communities through two AmeriCorps programs: the Michigan Financial Opportunity Corps (MFOC) and the Rural Opportunity VISTA Program. Members in the MFOC facilitate financial education classes and events, and members in the VISTA program serve to build capacity for organizations reducing… Read more »

Senate Health Care Bill and Michigan’s Trigger Clause

On June 22, Senate Republican leaders released their version of a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Below are the main provisions of the bill:  Phases out Medicaid expansion beginning in 2021 and restores it to pre-Affordable Care Act levels by 2024 (limits government spending on Medicaid, giving states a set… Read more »

Partners for Rural America

By Jessica AcMoody, Senior Policy Specialist I recently had the opportunity to travel to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia for the Partners for Rural America (PRA) annual conference and meeting. The conference highlights rural economic development around the country, and gives members of PRA an opportunity to share exciting rural development going on in their state as… Read more »

Lansing SAVEs For the Future

Written by Megan Kursik, Coordinator of Michigan Communities for Financial Empowerment Earlier this year 365 kindergarten students in the Lansing School District received a seed investment in their future. Each student was automatically enrolled in an education savings account by the City of Lansing. Lansing SAVE (or Student Accounts Valuing Education) is the first universal, automatic… Read more »

Consumers Energy’s Energy Savers Affordable Multifamily Program

By Ed Love, Program Manager at Michigan Energy Options with contributions made by Ariana Gonzalez of NRDC This past May saw the launch of a new energy efficiency pilot in Michigan. The Consumers Energy program designed specifically to meet the needs of multifamily affordable housing. Elevate Energy, a Chicago based non-profit, Michigan Energy Options, an… Read more »