MI Bridges Community Partner Partner Liaison at Michigan Public Health Institute


Purpose:  The MI Bridges Community Partner Liaison will support the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ (MDHHS) implementation of the new MI Bridges portal.  The portal is an online system that will allow Michigan residents to complete a needs assessment, find local resources to support those needs, and apply for DHHS assistance (FAP, FIP, Childcare, Medicaid, and SER).  The MDHHS is seeking community-based partners to promote and assist residents in utilizing the MI Bridges portal.  The position will be responsible for the recruitment and support of these community partners.


The position will require working both individually and as part of a team. Applicants must demonstrate flexibility and independence to make high-level decisions and recommendations to leadership.  The MI Bridges Community Partner Liaison will work with multiple administrations within MDHHS, a variety of community organizations, key vendors, and contracted entities.  The candidate must be able to communicate with all parties in a clear, concise manner to effectively represent the message and intent of the Department, specifically, the MDHHS vision for the MI Bridges portal and integrated service delivery.


Duties and Responsibilities: Function as the MI Bridges Community Partner Liaison performing a full range of coordination, oversight, projects, and implementation related to the Department’s Integrated Service Delivery program.


  • Develop and implement an outreach/recruitment plan for community partners
  • Oversee the registration process for community partners
  • Provide ongoing support to the MiBridges Community Partners
  • Oversee the training and orientation of MI Bridges Community Partners
  • Develop and implement approved communication strategies for the Community Partners.
  • Develop communication tools to support community partners, fulfill leadership requests for information, and internal and external inquiries related to the MI Bridges Community Partners
  • Collect and maintain program data necessary to meet program reporting and evaluation requirements.
  • Regularly meet with MI Bridges team to provide status update, make recommendations, and gather input.
  • Coordinate with other administrations in the Department that interact with the MI Bridges portal
  • Assess the implications of existing and proposed policies and program decisions
  • Issue annual data reports to individual community partners
  • Provide feedback on the MiBridges portal and propose improvements to the overall system
  • Serve as a liaison to Michigan 211 related to their contractual responsibilities within the MiBridges portal.




Education:  Possession of a Bachelor’s Degree (Master’s level preferred) in Social Work, Community Services, Community Development or specific field related to assigned project.


Experience:  A minimum of three to five years of related work experience in project management, community development, and/or stakeholder engagement.  Demonstrated strong background in community- based health and human services and relations.


Important Skills and Characteristics:

  • Practical experience in community based health and human services with strong knowledge of organizational behavior and communications.
  • Experience in working with others including internal and external, high-level partners.
  • Ability to prioritize and meet deadlines.
  • Attention to detail while still understanding high-level goals and other department-wide and external aspects of the project.
  • Ability to quickly conduct analyses of issues, prepare reports, and resource information.
  • Problem solving skills to address complex problems.
  • Ability to provide new perspectives on existing issues.
  • Exercise judgement based on the analysis of multiple sources of information.
  • Ability to work with and communicate with diverse stakeholders who may have different and or conflicting views on program goals and direction.
  • Proven leadership skills with ability to lead and provide guidance to team members and external partners.
  • Excellent communication skills (written, verbal, presentation) that best represent MDHHS among various groups.
  • Proven ability to effectively succinctly summarize complex information and provide clear recommendations to leadership.
  • Ability to provide cross-organizational and cross-programmatic coordination.
  • Understanding of effective training methods



Work Environment and Physical Requirements:

Standard office environment.  Some travel required.  Requires valid vehicle operator’s license where needed to perform duties of the position.




Lead Worker:  Lead workers act as project leaders predominantly and/or coordinate the work activities of others.

To apply: https://www.mphi.org/careers/