Program Instructor for MSU Extension-Macomb County


Program Instructor – Financial & Homeownership Education


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February 20, 2018

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Position Summary

Provide financial and homeownership education expertise and be responsible for developing educational program activities in a multi-county area.  Maintain a level of expertise that complements financial capability and homeownership mission and goals.  Focuses are being: (1) an educational instructor and financial coach, (2) an information provider, (3) a needs assessor, (4) a problem-solving resource for clientele, and; (5) networking with industry, specialists and other financial and homeownership community partners.

Provide leadership and cooperate in planning and delivering effective Extension educational programs in financial capability & empowerment, financial coaching, foreclosure prevention counseling, and homeownership education. Plan, develop, implement and evaluate Extension educational programs that focus on strengthening the financial health of individuals, families and households.

Characteristic Duties/Responsibilities

  • Provide research-based financial information to Michigan residents.
  • Communicate and interact with related community and statewide groups regarding the financial security of residents in communities, the region, state and the nation.
  • Provide clientele/consumers with current and timely information applicable to personal finance through one‑to‑one contact, group presentations, newsletters, direct mail, news releases, electronic and social media, and other means.
  • Provide families with education from unbiased research around financial capability and other related subject matter areas.
  • Deliver financial empowerment coaching.
  • Conduct workshops as a means of outreach and education. Workshop topics should be relevant to the participants and the community in which they live, and may include but are not limited to topics such as budgeting, savings, banking products, credit building, debt reduction, identity theft, foreclosure and post-foreclosure.
  • Improve the knowledge and skills of consumers in the application of financial management techniques and processes. Teach participants how to resolve current financial situations, while providing a wide lens on their financial health to shift the approach to proactive financial management and foreclosure prevention.