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Placemaking: For Anyone, Or Everyone?

Written by Susan Wenzlick, Department of Environmental Quality One of the buzzwords you hear a lot in arts and cultural circles is¬†inclusion. Audiences for arts and culture have historically been overwhelmingly white, middle and upper income, and they are aging. Museums, symphonies, operas, and ballets recognize that they need to diversify their programming and attract… Read more »

Placemaking Through Crowdfunding

Written by Lisa Assenmacher, Communications and Training Specialist Crowdfunding is a popular go-to fundraising method used by people to launch new businesses or projects, raise money to help distressful situations and almost every other imaginable circumstance. While many charitable projects have depended on donations in the past, modern crowdfunding has succeeded through the development of… Read more »

10 Place-Based Holiday Activities in Michigan

Written by Lisa Assenmacher, Communications and Training Specialist Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or some combination of many holidays, it is a time of year where the hustle and bustle is in high gear and the holiday spirit is shining. People exchange gifts and laughs, holiday parties are constant and many people take time… Read more »

From Placemaking to Community

Written by¬†Lisa Assenmacher, Communications and Training Specialist More than simply planning a festival or creating public art, placemaking thrives on the hope that thoughtful planning creates inclusive, equitable access to a place where you want to be. Successful vibrant communities can be a multi-faceted, tricky algorithm, even with collaborative partnerships and supportive policies. Blight, vacancy,… Read more »

Does Placemaking Lead to Gentrification?

Last month during a MIplace Placemaking Curriculum training, one of the attendees asked, “Does placemaking lead to gentrification?” We put this question to some of the MIplace partners and they came back with two very good articles published last month. We added the first article for a little background on gentrification if you are not… Read more »

Underground of Good Celebrates Placemaking

By Jamie Schriner-Hooper, Executive Director Recently, I was invited to an event for the Greater Lansing region called the Underground of Good. The instructions were relatively simple: show up with a $100 check; bring a beverage of your choice; be willing to attend quarterly events with additional $100 checks; be ready to pitch and listen… Read more »